08 March 2007

YukTraderStation Down

Just not feeling any edge here today as my footprint charts aren't helping with overly large buy and sell trades hitting the bid and the ask. So I'm going to shut down for the day. I expect a do nothing kind of trade here with the markets inching higher into the close expecting a "goldilocks" number in the jobs report in the morning, whatever they decide that may be. If they press things the NQ futures may hit into that 1780 number after the report...the next spot where we can take a shot and do some selling...I just don't like (trust, believe in, interested) in being long this market...I may be wrong and if we break back through 1800 and hold then just maybe I'll get interested in holding some longs...the carnage of last Tuesday should not be forgotten...like I've said before there was some serious capital leaving the market and IT'S NOT COMING BACK ANYTIME SOON...jfg

We'll be using the June Nasdaq futures contract (NQM7) starting on Monday. One of the most important lessons I've learned through out the years is to step away from the market when your intuition tells you. If I don't feel I have an edge, what am I doing trading...I might as well go sell mortgages (hah!)...something I did as a sideline back in the day when the banks would have approved one of my cats for a no-doc loan...jfg.

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