23 March 2007


Futures flat as a pancake this morning with the economic calender lite today save the existing home sales due at 10 a.m. European bourses flat as well with Nikkei up about .4%...the dollar up vs. the euro and the pound but weaker against the yen...gold still hanging around 660 and oil holding on to most of yesterday's gains near $61.50.
Yesterday's tight range was almost a hangover type session and at least gives us a framework from which to pursue today's trade.
It hasn't been the worst week in YukTraderHistory but it sure has been a trying one with some bad luck (NVDA...GSCO upgrade) and some sloppy trading (QQQQ puts)...but we'll get right back in there and concentrate on what we do best here and that is the nasty Naz futures...be back with today's play...jfg.

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