27 March 2007

Back On Track

Alright, so without much fanfare, the YukTraderTechTeam has pulled off a small piece of magic and gotten YukTraderStation fully up and running again. So no more Panera Bread and no more trips to Comcast HQ and no more excuses...and no more giving back potential 18 point gains...back to the action.
The overnights pretty stable with the Nikkei down almost 1% and the European bourses flat lining after opening higher. Light sweet crude still elevated at $62.57 and seems almost paused waiting for a reason to break through heavy resistance in the $64 area...any move through there and $70+ is almost a given. Bonds mildly under pressure as well as they to sit right above major support levels especially on the 10 year trying to push through the 4.60% yield level...currencies flattish except for some weakness in the British pound.
Not quite sure yet on today's bias...as yesterday afternoon's weak climb into the close throws cloudiness into a previously perceived forecast of a reversal of the "post FED" move that would be bought as "window dressing" into the "end of quarter markup"...jfg.

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