20 March 2007

Anybody In There?

So I feel like I have my head in the wall as today's trade just baffled me with no read whatsoever. Most times when I come in to the day with an idea that doesn't pan out I can reconfigure and scalp some points but today was not one of those...the market just kind of went it's own way and I didn't feel like donating capital as I have in the past on days like this.
Another post close spike here, NQ's just shot up about 6 points...no idea what's going on there...Oracle earnings? Who gives a shit about that...
Oh, there, yes ORCL beats by .03 and revenues heavy...no matter we'll see what they have on tap for tomorrow...Big Ben and all...

Ended up buying some April NVDA $27.50 puts near the close for $75...price action just horrid...I'll look to add to those on further weakness...jfg

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