21 March 2007

La Fade

I took my medicine on NVDA with a not so nice 35% loss for a trade I held all of 2 market hours...I should have known better...that stock has cleaned my clock before and I should have just left it alone having made a little change on it in the last few weeks...

Anyway...market offers us entry near that 1782 level (1782.75 actual) and we have our stop in place four points lower @ (1778.25)...not sure what will happen here as far as where we will be by lunch but the trade is a fade scalp and if we can't manage the 1786 handle by lunch I will be out and standing aside for the FED fireworks.
Internals pretty flat here with A/D (Naz) 1330-1381 and (NYSE) 1584-1386. Up/down 288-174 and 187-132. Let's see if they rip 'em higher and make use of a good entry this morning...jfg.

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