27 March 2007

Raise Or Fold

We try to play the odds here...get all your money in the pot when you are ahead and make the other guy blink...just another way of defining your risk in a way that when we are wrong it is evident and not too painful...so on that thought today the bias is to get short above 1820, ideally as close to 1825 as possible with a stop in the 1830 area...any settling trade at the 1832-1835 means we are wrong and out as the bulls and the bears can fight it out up there without us...if they want to push the market higher here then we will be on the sidelines...not really interested in buying breakouts at this juncture...so we'll look for a mildly positive open to be slowly ground down through 1810 and see if we can cover there for nice 15-20 points...jfg.

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