30 September 2007

It's Over.

Florida «7000100008110
NY Mets100000000151
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W:L.Kensing(3-0) L:T.Glavine(13-8)
HR: FLA- None NYM- None

Philadelphia «10200210X671
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HR: WAS- None PHI- R.Howard (47)

27 September 2007

Don't Tase Me Bro!

Now I am not shocked by the market's continued ascent. What does concern me (if I was a bull) is the lack of normal trade flow. We continue to rocket skyward without any normal pullbacks. I took another loss on my short from 2089, getting stopped out just above that 2100 level. I'm not getting killed here but 80-90 point moves with pathetic little 15 point drops is annoying as hell. I'm going to wait and watch here looking for entry sometime early next week. Until then...cash...jfg.

25 September 2007


Jesus Christ, shorting this market is a bitch...perfect entry yesterday as the market drops a sweet fifteen points off the get go and looking for more...but of course here we are right back near our entry of 2089 with my stop just a hair over that 2100 level...I am hoping for meandering around here with a gap lower sometime this week that sticks and a dive into the 2045 level where I hope to take some profits...jfg.

21 September 2007

19 September 2007

18 September 2007

Pre Fed Meds...

Well, we are siting here a few hours before the FedSpeak and the scenario I was hoping for has not come to be. As noted, I am short from 2018 and that is pretty much where we sit...I was thinking that we'd be flopping around the 2000 level going into the decision, leaving me some breathing room...that has not come to be...so I've covered...I'll fade a move around 2035...until then cash...jfg.

13 September 2007