31 January 2008

Fed Up

Gambling around the FED is probably not the smartest thing to do but for some reason I thought I had this one pegged and for once I was right...I think we will see a powerful rally these next few trading sessions...but I'll wait it out it out on the sidelines for now...jfg.

29 January 2008

That Uneasy Feeling

I'll take the standard 3 to 1 risk reward...1780 takes me out...jfg.

19 January 2008

Once In A Lifetime

We'll sit here and talk of bottoms...until the financials find some buyers there is no bottom in tech...no bottom...there are investment houses getting buried in the MER's, the BSC's and the C's...they have profits in the NDX...and they will take them...until there is nothing left...they will take them...jfg.

11 January 2008


News of the possible sale came a day after Countrywide disclosed that 7.2 percent of the loans in its servicing portfolio were delinquent last month, up from 4.6 percent in December 2006. Foreclosures also more than doubled last month, to 1.44 percent of unpaid principal balances versus 0.70 percent in December 2006.

10 January 2008