29 March 2007


Two days left to one of the more stressful quarters of the last few years, if your a money manager anyway. Markets do the rope-a-dope and finish on the lows yesterday after frustrating just about everyone...dropping just below the breakdown at 1790 only to spike right back into 1810 only to reverse and fail back into 1790...couldn't have read that much worse...but that's yesterday...
Futures slightly positive today with the $5 Dow up 38, the S&P plus 3.25 and noisy Naz +4.25...the Euro boys gapped it up and have held their gains plus about .60% across the board...the Nikkei finished flat with oil and gold little changed...currencies calm with the Euro and the Pound slightly positive with the Yen giving back some of yesterday's big gains...still formulating today's trade and trying not to give into my inclination to scalp as I know once I let that demon loose the ranges are going to expand ...jfg.

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