28 March 2007

Stubborn Ass

It just seems ludicrous to me that BB can say that "moderating energy costs are keeping inflation in check"...no matter how you clarify the statement for "recent developments".
The Plunge Protection Team must just be buying futures contracts by the tanker ship full here as I'm sure the Central Bank is flooding the overnight liquidity market. This, to me anyway, will end badly...and no matter my market positions...I believe that this is a quite dangerous game being played...our handling of the economy, our blithe foreign policy and our needless habit of never admitting any failures...but enough of the "rantrage"...
Markets pushing back towards the bottom of their respective opening ranges...internals remain unchanged from previous levels...my thought process seems a bit clouded here as an expectation for wider ranges is affecting my desire for profit taking...another 10 point scalp opp. wasted so might as well hold out and see what the afternoon brings...I placed a buy stop at 1805...if they are able to push them up there I give up...jfg.

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