30 March 2007

Vote For Pedro

A little trouble posting in the last hour...closed out ill advised short at 1788 for plus 3 points (-2.5 for the day) as the market just wants to drift into the weekend and the quarter closes out on a quiet note. We had the right idea today trying to buy into weakness but our execution sucked. Sometime placing a stop after entering a trade can save you countless points and sometimes it can cost you as the market reverses right through and past you with no rhyme or reason...a tough week to be sure with all the geopolitical tensions and the "window dressing" futures jamming.
I'll look back on this week as a good one though as we had the right bias as the market kept making new lows and we were aware of that and just need to refine our approach with a little tweaking which I'll be working on this weekend. It's a long journey this kind of life and you have to take it one trade at a time...get some rest and we'll be right back at it come Monday morning...jfg.

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