29 March 2007

The Wrap

So the market fails to bail me out, stop hit @ 1779.50 for plus 1.5 points (even for the day)...not sure I'll be around to trade Friday as I've been off all week and the mark up boys will be throwing a wrench into the works...should have known better as I've seen this kind of jamming before and I let greed get in the way of sound judgement (again). I've let almost 30 points of profit slip through my hands this week but at least we've been on the right side of the bias...lower highs and lower lows and I guess it's better than losing 30 points...unless we test the extremes of the range (1810 and 1770), I may sit tomorrow out...lite posting anyway...hope you were smarter than me and snagged some points...on a brighter note, CROX acting like crap down almost $2 from the pivot high put in on Tuesday...jfg.

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