22 March 2007

Still On The Bench

So we may have missed our entry, at least we did at YukTraderStation...just want to define our risk better than buying too far above the pivot. The old idea that downside was limited so the upside is probably limited as well on this bounce...I still think the trade is valid but I've pulled my bids and will watch closely for a buy maybe a little lower...we'll say 1808 with a tighter stop at 1805...other than that I sold my QQQQ puts (bought yesterday at $48) at $39 for a loss...besides our decent scalp yesterday this week has started off terribly for the YukAccount...other ideas are puts on CROX and revisiting CAL puts as well...haven't pulled the trigger on either yet but they both seem to forming nice head and shoulder patterns on the longer term charts...not sure I am going to do much today...jfg.

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