28 March 2007

Prop The Cazbah

So the "end of the quarter markup" has reared its' ugly head in strange ways these past two sessions. Instead of higher prices we've got an ugly news flow that has led to some sharp drops that have been bought. We have been on the right side of those drops, but I have failed to capitalize looking for wider ranges that have not come to fruition...so frustration mounts...enough on that...I hope that many of you were able to gain from some precise entries...
Back to what's ahead...Oil just shot up .75 to $65 on ever more increasing Middle East tensions...you can forget about any other themes today as the market will
be all about oil all day...Europe down more than .50% across the board...Nikkei down a little more than .60%...Bonds, gold, the Euro and the Yen all higher with our futures about that same .50% to the red...back soon with some pivots to look for...jfg.

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