21 March 2007

Can I Have A Hit?

Yesterday's trade felt like a listless march as the market just meandered higher for lack of sellers...I guess if you were "long and strong" it was fun but the market is never that easy...always expect your "easy" gains to be wiped out as quickly as they were given. After 2 p.m. today, I expect we can get back to business...if you're thinking that Ben and the boys are going to bail out sub-prime and hint at a cut in June, I want some of what you are smoking...if it gets that to that in the future, than any longs will be so battered at that point that a cut won't save them...hope and fear...that's what's it's all about...the "weak" bulls are hoping B&B will hint at a cut and I suspect when the language is far from reassuring we are going to give back the last two day's gains in a heartbeat and it won't be pretty...jfg.

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