07 March 2007

Shaggy And Scooby Doo

So the bulls have a party for the ages with the biggest one day gain in (insert CNBC guess here) and all is well...everyone's mortgage payments will be frozen in time forever and a flat screen TV and PlayStation3 in every pot. So that was it then. Sell off over but wasn't that fun...please return to buy the dip...the spinach dip, the artichoke dip...let's all go skinny dip...when the 10 bar moving average crosses above the 20 bar what do you do...you buy! Support your markets, it's the patriotic thing to do. That's an order.
Question: Does Scooter Libby spend even one day in jail? Cause I remember the last time I perjured myself in front of a federal jury...they got kind of pissed.

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