06 March 2007

Price Targets

My only long position consists of April dated $30 NVDA calls purchased yesterday...A problem faced by many traders is finding appropriate price targets, especially short term targets...besides resistance levels and exhaustion points come Fibonacci targets.
A system used by many traders, and highlighted well by Trader X is using Fibonacci extensions on the basis of the prior day's low to the opening range (OR) high or the high printed in the first 15 minutes.
I will use this today in looking for an exit on my NVDA position:
Yesterday's low was $28.66, we subtract that price from today's OR high $29.75.
Using the Fib. extensions of .382 and .618 we come up with extensions of: $.42 and $.67.
Adding these numbers to the OR high gives us price targets of $30.17 and $30.42.
If NVDA does breakout to new highs, I'll be watching closely the action at these levels...these price levels can be powerful magnets...let's see what happens...jfg

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