13 March 2007


So markets don't crawl into the close as it may have appeared around 3 o'clock and the Nasdaq futures tap right into my stated goal of 1742...I hate leaving money on the table but I'll take today's gains any time they are offered. Mortgage and housing worries continuing to pick up momentum and the search will be on for the next target. My favorite name is Washington Mutual (WM:NYSE) who had all kinds of "liar loans", and depending on how they handled the securitization of those loans, could be next on the block...I may throw a little money at that idea...but that is pure gambling...so keep it small. Let's see if we can knock one out of the park again tomorrow...
The AGI (Anti-George Indicator) covered our SPY short at the close for a gain of $2.90 or just over 2%...nice job George...jfg.

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