09 March 2007

Got Some Ass?

Good Morning...futures red across the board with the $5 Dow -6, S&P - 1.75 and NQ's -3. Quite overnight for once with yesterday's afternoon drop on sub prime concerns (read NEW) being just a blip that ran a bunch of stops and was subsequently bought as we head into the jobs number @ 8:30...Bonds, gold and oil also slightly lower along with the Yen.
Consensus is for a rise of 95K in non-farm payrolls...be back with some charts later.
Added a new tool into the YukTraderToolBox, a news feed service titled TheFlyOnTheWall...free 30 day trial and I prefer it to Briefing.com and the feed I get from InterActiveBrokers...so check it out...jfg.

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