02 April 2007

Above And Beyond

Good morning from YukTraderStation...another week to start, although a short one, with the three day Easter weekend ahead... the overnight kids a tad rambunctious as a little weakness early this morning spurned on by the Nikkei getting slapped for a 260 point loss gets bought...the European bourses opened lower only to flat line in lieu of our direction...As anticipated, Iranian tensions still elevated as light sweet crude stubbornly holds on to the $65 handle...gold still above $660 with bonds a bit to the green...the dollar red across the board...not sure what the market has in store for us today as the somewhat tighter ranges from early last week finally opened up a bit on Friday with a late a.m. swoon purportedly being blamed on new Chinese paper tariffs (have to love this administration's timing)...news flow mixed this morning with Iran, tariffs, more private equity and South Korean trade deals...so the bias is again tricky with wider ranges to trade...be back with some ideas before the bell...jfg.

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