16 April 2007

The OddsMaker

Want to play the same tune here and most likely get aggressive off the open picking a spot and selling them...more on feel then an exact pivot as we haven't been up in this area in quite a while so the natural push-pull as traders balance out positions won't be there...so a taste of the downside here as a date with 1800 should be in the picture before we move higher if that turns out to be the case...let's try and hold out here for a larger range as selling should beget more selling...I don't expect the "dip buyers" to do their thing on a gap up Monday into resistance...without exact pivots to work with...stops and risk management invariably become more problematic...I would use profit ratio's as a guide...looking for that elusive 20-25 point move? How much are you willing to risk for that? See you in the pool...jfg.

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