11 April 2007

The Streak

So the bulls get shit on for once with talk of inflation and "systematic firming"...not too bad though as 1800 on the Naz holds and all the bears can manage is the break of one of the more pathetic "winning" streaks ever seen...bond yields sprinted though only to be reigned in by the close...still tons of takeover chatter all over the place and the liquidity pump still seems to be fully open...finally a bigger range to play with and some volume and those are the lifeblood of our business...so over all, abandoning YukTraderStation for a few hours was the right thing to do and I hope anyone that stayed around to play kept on the sell side...we'll be back at it in the morning with some earnings to digest and lots of commentary from the "know it alls" to consume...see you then...jfg.

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