17 April 2007


Is that red I see on the screen? Is it possible? Markets a little nervous pre CPI numbers with the $5 Dow -12, S&P's -3.5 and the Naz -4.75. Dollar taking a beating vs. the British Pound breaking the $2 handle and gold taking it's time ready to bust through the $700 handle...have to think that might happen right here should the CPI roll the right way...
It's been tough trading as of late with tighter ranges coupled with one directional moves...I expect that to end in the next session or two as we enter the twilight-zonish period here at the end of April which has been the time of some curious volatility going back many years...careful where you park your capital as it may not be there when you return...back after the eco numbers with some ideas...lite posting today as my bias has been way off and a great March has led to utter futility these past weeks with the YukTraderTeam only positive 2.5 points through this slog of April...jfg.

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