13 April 2007


Good morning...back at things again today after yesterday's system malfunction...it sure felt as if I caught something, the way we traded on Thursday...but we get up and dust ourselves off and prepare to fight it out again...
Actually ticking lower this morning with the $5 Dow -1, the S&P -1.25 and the NQ's -4 hovering above the 1820 pivot...the Nikkei down 176 with European markets flattish and to the green...gold off to a good start at $684 and you have to think that $700 is not far off but who cares...bonds slightly red with oil just over the $64 pivot...gasoline futures hit highs again yesterday and maybe that might matter...NOT...more trade numbers out this morning as the dollar continues its' nosedive...and the PPI to hit at 8:30, so the inflation bed bug in the air...let's let those numbers cross before we try to put together some ideas for today...jfg.


robert said...

i love your attitude about starting out again fresh.
its not how fast you fall,
but how fast you get up,
that counts.
fyi, i would be willing to follow this blog if you would post your trades, ie, put your money where your mouth is.
i follow two other blogs that do that, and it adds a tremendous amount of credibilty to what the owner says, when you can see he's making over sixty per cent correct calls.
please forgive my arrogant tone. i am retired military. smiles.
take care
i hope you make a million or more this year.

good trading

YukTrader said...

I'm not sure what you mean Robert. Post my trades? Snapshots of my screen or something? I not sure how to even do that. All I try to do here is tell you where I am looking to buy or sell...than I post charts telling what I did...I move my stops, no doubt, so should you...I post a plan and if you spend the time to look through the archives, you'll find I don't deviate much...thank you for reading ...jfg