16 April 2007

The Bear Grill

Good morning everyone and welcome back from the weekend. Expiration week upon us and it should be one hell of a week...lots of economic numbers in the offing with the Empire State Mfg. Survey and more retail sales and inventory numbers to follow and that's just today. Futures green everywhere to be seen...$5 Dow up 37, S&P's +5 and the Naz +6.75...European exchanges all higher with the dollar on the losing end of things again except against the Yen...The Nikkei puts in another strong day up 264 points and it seems the bullish case knows no bounds...Gold ticking $692 and the $700 level seems a given here...should see some fireworks in that market...the giddiness is apparent and we have to wonder if old Mr. Market has a little punishment in the works...jfg.

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