10 April 2007

Rest Area

So here we go again...."turn around Tuesday" upon us and the market continues to confound...I was almost certain when I shut down yesterday that we would see a little red on the screen and there is still time for that but as of 7 a.m. all there is to be seen is green...lots of headlines this morning with Chinese trade surpluses, more options back dating, jobs cuts and the dollar getting creamed every where you look...bonds higher, gold higher and oil higher after yesterday's pummeling...the Nikkei actually down with European bourses up betwen .2 and .4%...not sure what to expect today other than I want to position ourselves to be short...maybe right off the open with a scalp into the 1820 pivot and then reposition ourselves short again on any bounce...today might the day for the bulls to exit the highway...jfg.

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