09 April 2007

A Case Of The Mondays

Good morning everyone, hope you had a happy and safe Easter...as you can see from the all the green on the screen, it would seem that the bulls did. We've got futures higher across the board with the $5 Dow up 42, the S&P +5.75 and the nasty Naz up 9.25 at 1837.50...the overseas markets also green with the Nikkei up almost another 300 points and our European brothers positive yet anxious awaiting our confirmation...
Light sweet crude breaks the $64 line limping into the week at $63.55 with bonds slightly higher and giddy gold near $680. We want to be a little careful this morning as it appears they might release a can of mojo on the bears and you know what that means...I'll be back before the open with today's play...jfg.

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