03 April 2007

On The Inside

So quite the run here as we hit the lunch hour doldrums...you would expect market internals to be screaming after the move we just witnessed but the reality is that volume is lite and sellers just stepped out of the way...
2010 advancers on the Nasdaq with 916 decliners...not exactly 90/10.
NYSE a little stronger with 2366-774.
Up/downs 6982-1739 and 5098-1453.
The nasdaq tick hit 950 on the initial pop but only just above 600 on the subsequent move.
You can almost see the post market headlines as "profit takers" bring the markets back down...so let's see if this occurs, we've got our stop in place and our risk defined and if the selling does come in let's try to cover on a push under 1810...jfg

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