03 April 2007

Slipped Right Past Me

So we make a little swing lower here offering several points left to those wiser to hold into the close. Straight gambling though, as it could have gone either way and I hate to gamble. Anyway, the last hurrah for the chest thumping, stupid bear shouting bulls? I have to think so and will primarily stay on the sell side of things given the opportunity and the set ups. When they start bringing out new Mexican and Chinese market highs as bullish reasoning, I have to laugh. German market also hit all time highs...so I will take note of that...
Bond yields spiked a bit and oil held $64 while gold still stable above $660...I'll go out on a limb here and say the markets open lower tomorrow and that it might be a bitch picking a spot to get short...but time will tell on that...back in the morning for some red on the screen...jfg.

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