15 February 2007

Gotta To Get You Into My Life

Bears bury their heads as another spike in the markets brings the S&P 500 and Dow futures to within ticks of their recent highs as the Nasdaq and especially the Russel 2000 still under preform.

Market Internals mixed with 1338 advancers to 1444 decliners on the Naz with 1635 up and 1342 down on the big board. Up/down volumes 30 - 16 on the Naz with the NYSE slightly negative.

Bonds continue yesterday's rally though heavy resistance may loom ahead. Gold underwater as the Euro and the Yen run against the dollar.

I expect choppiness throughout the day and don't expect to do much trading today or tomorrow for that matter...happy hour looms in the afternoon...here's raising one to you...jfg.

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