23 February 2007

Beer Here!

Another beautiful day here, outside YukTraderStation...highs to reach somewhere in the low 80's...And I almost feel that I should just take the day off and hit the beach but alas there is work to do.
I guess the question here is if there is still money sitting on the sidelines or have the bulls fired all of their bullets...Are there folks still watching from the building across the street, ala this funny pic, or are the stands full and the vendors about to cut off beer sales...the action as of late has been bullish indeed with a new "wall of worry" seemingly climbed every morning but I can't bring myself to blindly jump on the band wagon and load up on index calls or just flatly buy the NQ futures and hold them for the next month...I may be blind or have something fundamentally wrong with me but it's not 2003 with APPL at $7 or YHOO at $9...the QQQ(Q) is not trading in the mid $20's...I just don't get the mad rush here to be long and these afternoon spikes into the close just add to my discomfort...so I guess the idea here is to still keep my time frames very short and try to dodge the bullets...
As Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (Robert Duvall) in Apocalypse Now so aptly put it, "One day this war's gonna end..."

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